Helsinki-Uusimaa Circular Hub

The Helsinki-Uusimaa Circular Hub is a regional initiative that aims to take the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region and Finland to the pinnacle of circular economy. The hub is a community of experts, municipalities, companies, organisations and research institutes that form an innovation ecosystem.   

What we do at the Hub

We aim for a carbon neutral Helsinki-Uusimaa region by 2030. To support this aim, the Helsinki-Uusimaa Circular ValleyHub was established. It is the accelerator for new solutions and pilots focusing especially on construction, food chains and textiles, plastics, and electronics as well as knowledge building, financing instruments and international collaboration. As a regional ecosystem, we facilitate new business opportunities while building a good living environment for our citizens. We search, develop and share knowledge, knowhow, data, ideas, resources and networks.  

Helsinki-Uusimaa is a strong entrepreneurial region with large material flows, research and development activities of a high standard, and an efficient waste recycling system. We have strong tradition in public private partnerships and collaboration across organisations.  

The region is also a pilot in the EU Circular Cities and Regions Initiative.

Key themes of the Hub

The Circular Hub focuses on the following themes: food, construction, plastics, textiles, and e-waste. At least one workshop for stakeholders is organized for each theme. The thematic entities have been selected based on a preliminary report, and ultimately focused on those in which the Circular  Hub can provide the most environmental benefits, business, and circular economy models. The hub is also involved in national Green Deal initiatives and seeks to contribute to the realization and implementation of its goals in the five themes.

In brief, The Hub is an ecosystem looking for new business opportunities, innovations and building pilots! Check out our map of circular economy businesses and projects around the area!

Get in touch! 

Simo Karetie
Project manager
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Pipsa Salolammi
Adviser, Public Affairs
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